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10 Common Roof Problems and How To Fix Them: An Expert Guide

Do you have roof problems that prevent you from fully enjoying the comfort of your home? As the source of highly rated roof repair in Tucson, AZ, West Coast Roofing can help you understand the most common roof issues and the best way to address them. From roof repairs to full replacement, you can rely on them to leave you satisfied for a surprisingly competitive price.

1. Leaks and Standing Water

Water damage remains one of the most common roofing problems, even in areas with little rainfall, like Arizona. Some homeowners believe that because the purpose of a roof includes protecting the home from water, a small leak or the presence of standing water shouldn't have severe effects on it.

Without prompt repairs, even little leaks can create big problems. A slanted roof also shouldn't have a pool of water, and the issue means your roof may leak because of weakening structural integrity. If you notice problems with water, call an expert to determine whether you need repairs or replacement.

2. Damaged Shingles and Flashing

As one of the most vulnerable types of roofing to UV rays and severe weather, asphalt shingles remain one of the most common home repair needs. Your roof's flashing, the metal strip that prevents water from seeping into the seams, can also experience damage from a multitude of sources.

With minor to moderate damage, roofing repairs can usually solve this issue. If you have widespread shingle damage, you may require replacement instead.

3. Clogged Drainage System

Clogged gutters and downspouts are some of the most common roofing problems, especially when homeowners forget to check them regularly. Your roof relies on the drainage system to direct water away from your home's foundation, so a clogged system could cause water damage both on your roof and at your foundation.

Thankfully, a clogged drainage system has an easy solution. Clear your gutters and check them twice a year in the fall and spring. For extra safety, consider hiring a professional rather than using a ladder yourself.

4. Shrinking Materials

While the materials of any type of roof can shrink, it occurs most often with commercial roofs created from rubber. It most often arises when roofs experience added pressure, and you can identify the problem by the cracks and tears the roofs develop.

The best solution for roof shrinkage is preventing it from happening in the first place. You can accomplish this with regular inspections and maintenance. Once you see significant shrinkage, your best recourse is complete roof replacement.

5. Storm Damage

Severe weather represents one of the most pernicious sources of roof problems because you can't control it. Wind can rip shingles from your roof, drop tree branches, leave dents from hail, and, in rare cases, even cause a fire from a lightning strike. 

To help repair storm damage without hurting your budget, reach out to your insurance agent to quickly process the claim and get you the money you need for repairs.

6. Overhanging Trees

If you see a tree overhanging your roof, don't consider it a benign issue. If severe weather or other causes make the tree fall or a branch break off, it can damage the structure of your roof beyond repair.

In this case, prevention is your best approach, and you should keep the tree trimmed. If it damages your roof, you'll either require repairs or replacement, depending on the damage's severity.

7. Ventilation Problems

Your roof requires adequate ventilation to prevent widespread problems in your home's interior and exterior. Without proper ventilation, humidity and moisture can build up in your attic and increase your energy costs. 

Your roof removes heat from the attic using strategically placed vents and air pressure. If an animal or debris blocks the vent, you'll start noticing problems in your attic. Annual inspection usually prevents this issue, but if it becomes a problem, a roofing contractor can find the vent blockage and clear it.

8. Winter Weather

Winter weather doesn't usually pose a problem for Arizona residents, but you should still stay vigilant about the issue. Ice dams and snow buildup can cause severe water damage or even collapse your roof. Thankfully, you can prevent nearly all instances of these problems by keeping your drainage system clear and maintaining your roof's ventilation.

Whether you live up in the mountains or know you should take precautions against climate change, take these important steps to avoid the effects of winter weather on your roof.

9. Pest Infestations

From small bugs to nesting raccoons, a wide variety of pests can damage the various elements of your roof. The most common roof pest problems in Arizona include:

  • Roof rats: Also known as black rats, these rats possess excellent climbing capabilities, have a smaller body than other rat species, and inhabit both urban and suburban areas of the state. They can make nests in your roof, destroying insulation and blocking your ventilation.
  • Birds: If birds make their nests in your attic or chimney, it can hinder your home's ventilation and even cause dangerous carbon monoxide buildup.
  • Large rodents: Porcupines, possums, raccoons, and squirrels can make their way into your home. Because they're larger than rats, they can cause more widespread damage.
  • Insects: From fire ants to terminates, an insect infestation can destroy your shingles and damage the foundation and structure of your roof.

Regular inspections help prevent pests from taking over your home.

10. Poor Work Quality

If you hired inexperienced contractors when you had your roof installed, your roof will likely experience more problems than normal. The same problem occurs when you hire the wrong roofing company for repairs. When you want a professional roofer, always confirm their experience and read the reviews of previous customers.

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