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Do You Need to Repair or Replace Your Roof in Tucson, AZ?

After a damaging storm or years of reliable protection, you might wonder whether to repair or replace roof structures. What’s the best return on investment? Roof repair in Tucson, AZ, costs less than replacement, but a replacement lasts longer and equips your property with new, undamaged materials.

Local professionals like West Coast Roofing could help you decide whether roofing maintenance or replacement is the better option for your Tucson property. The roof repair vs. replacement guide below should help, too.

Repair or Replace Roofs: Understanding the Difference to Your Tucson, Arizona, Rooftop

When Tucson roofs need repair or replacement services, they show numerous warnings, such as:

  • Structural sagging and caving
  • Leaks leading to stained or damaged ceilings
  • Musty smells in attics
  • Missing or damaged roofing panels, shingles, and tiles
  • Discoloration along the roof’s surface
  • Spiking energy bills

If you notice any of these issues, schedule a professional assessment from a roofer like West Coast Roofing to determine whether you need roof repair vs. replacement. Most roofs younger than their expected lifespan will only need repairs unless there’s a severe storm or something similar. Then, you may need a replacement or re-roofing service. 

Typically, roof repairs will cost less than replacement and cover a smaller surface area. However, this cost depends on several factors, as mentioned below.

How Old Is Your Roof?

The average roof in Tucson, Arizona, can last up to 30 years, depending on the material. Choosing between roof repair and replacement often depends on the roof’s age. 

Have you scheduled numerous repair services within the past 5 years for a roof that’s 25 years or older? Look into replacement services.

What Does Your Budget Allow?

Determining roof repair or replacement needs is easier when you understand what you want to spend. Home improvements are often costly, and more intensive services will have a higher price tag. A complete roof replacement will always cost more than a minor repair or two, so you’ll need to realistically calculate what you can afford.

A Tucson, Arizona, roofing contractor like West Coast Roofing can provide an estimate and some solid advice on proceeding within your budgetary limits. 

What Is Your Roof Made Of?

Different roof materials have varying lifespans. For example, some materials frequently used in Tucson, Arizona, include:

  • Clay tiles, 50 and 100 years 
  • Metal panels, up to 70 years
  • Slate tiles, 50 to 200 years
  • Cedar shake, up to 30 years 
  • Asphalt tiles, 15 to 30 years 
  • Polyurethane foam, 20 years or more 

How long will your roof last? Check your roofing material and the installation date. The material will also dictate how much a replacement service will cost so that you can plan for fixing or replacing your roof accordingly. 

What Type of Roof Damage Occurred?

Always schedule a professional roof inspection in Tucson before you decide whether to repair or replace roofs. An experienced roofer will survey the damage to determine the damage level. Large swaths of compromised roofing materials likely require complete replacement as paying for a new roof becomes a more cost-effective investment than repairing it. 

Let’s say strong winds blow through Tucson, Arizona, knocking a few tiles or shingles off the roof. A repair service will sufficiently address the damage. However, if a tree crashes through your roof and destroys a sizable portion of it, you might need replacement services (both to ensure the roofing material’s integrity and perfectly matched shingle shades). 

How Much Material Sustained Damage?

Long-standing damage can spread. For example, you might notice a small leak that doesn’t significantly disrupt your life until you ignore it for half a year and see it overtake the sub-roofing. 

As it soaks more material, it will allow mold to grow, and the trapped moisture will also cause structural breakdown in shingles or panels. At that point, what was once a minor repair would balloon into extensive re-roofing or replacement services.

What Does Your Insurance Cover Roofs?

Sometimes, your insurance provider covers roof replacement service costs if significant repairs don’t seem viable. Why not review your homeowners’ insurance policy to find out what your coverage handles? If there’s coverage, request a professional inspection to support the evidence that you need a replacement service.

In this case, your insurance company will likely send an appraiser to survey the damage, so compare the professional inspection report with the insurance appraisal. A reputable roofing company should also assist you with filing an insurance claim. 

Does Improved Energy Efficiency Interest You?

Roofing technology improves every year. Did you know that modern materials increasingly insulate your home better than shingles or panels manufactured ten years ago? 

If the prospect of lower energy bills, better comfort, or more durable materials piques your interest, explore replacement over repairs. 

Is Your Roof Up to Code With Repairs?

If you have shingles instead of panels or tiles, you might qualify for re-roofing rather than repairing or replacing your roof. This is where your roofing company will lay a new layer of shingles over the old one, repairing subroofing damage. You will only qualify for this service once because many municipal ordinances prohibit more than two layers of shingles. 

Excessive re-roofing can obscure other damage throughout the years, but it still offers more comprehensive protection than mere repairs and costs less than a replacement service.  

What Is the Local Weather Like?

Finally, consider the regional weather patterns. Tucson, Arizona, has an arid, warm climate with mild winters and scorching summers. You won’t likely see lots of rain throughout the year.

Water damage during a replacement isn’t a significant concern here, although excessive sun exposure and heat can cause the following issues:

  • Cracked or blistered roofing materials
  • Faded areas due to UV exposure
  • Warped or loosened roofing materials
  • Granular debris shed from damaged shingles

Your roofing here has to withstand the intense heat to offer you value for money. 

Request an Instant Roof Quote From West Coast Roofing

Do you know when to repair or replace roof materials? Ask West Coast Roofing for an instant roof quote following your assessment to help you decide. They specialize in roof replacement and repair services in Tucson, Arizona.

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